Janet Domenitz

Executive Director
(617) 292-4800
As executive director of MASSPIRG Education Fund, Janet Domenitz is responsible for coordinating issue research and education for the largest public interest organization in Massachusetts.

Deirdre Cummings

Legislative Director
(617) 747-4319
Deirdre Cummings, MASSPIRG Education Fund Legislative Director, works to protect and enhance consumer rights, reduce the cost and improve the delivery of health care, and promote government transparency and accountability.

Jeanne Foy

Consumer Action Center Director
Jeanne Foy has been the Director of the Consumer Action Center since 1992.

Ed Mierzwinski

Consumer Program Director
202-546-9707 x314
Mierzwinksi is the federal Consumer Program Director and Senior Fellow, and has worked in the Washington, D.C., federal office since 1989.

Kathryn Lee

Digital Campaigner
(303) 573-5995 ext. 408
Kathryn Lee is U.S. PIRG's digital campaigner for the organization's consumer protection program. Using social media and other web tools, she mobilizes our online community on issues such as consumer protection, reigning in Wall Street, and making Volkswagen pay.

Ben Martin-McDonough

Ben Martin-McDonough is an administrator at MASSPIRG and the MASSPIRG Education Fund.

Sean Doyle

Democracy Digital Organizer
(303) 573-5995 ext. 390
Sean Doyle is the digital organizer on the Democracy program for U.S. PIRG and state affiliates.

Matthew Wellington

National Antibiotics Program Field Director
(617) 747-4383

Bill Wenzel

National Antibiotics Program Director
Bill Wenzel is the national Director of the Antibiotics Program.

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