MASSPIRG Education Fund Staff

Janet Domenitz
MASSPIRG Education Fund
Executive Director
(617) 292-4800

As executive director of MASSPIRG Education Fund, Janet Domenitz is responsible for coordinating issue research and education for the largest public interest organization in Massachusetts.  She has served in that position since 1989.  She currently serves on the board of Massachusetts Common Cause, which gave her the 2005 Distinguished Citizen Award, and she is a former member of the national governing board of Common Cause.  Ms. Domenitz serves as President of the Consumer Federation of America, and was a founding member of Earth Day Greater Boston.  She has appeared on local radio and TV outlets many times, and has testified before the various agencies on environmental, consumer and good government issues. She joined the MASSPIRG staff in 1980 after graduating magna cum laude from Brandeis University. Ms. Domenitz lives in Cambridge with her husband and two sons, and serves on the school committee of her synagogue.

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