Civics in Action Internship Program

By Deirdre Cummings
Consumer Program Director

It is critical to Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group Education Fund’s mission that our work for a healthier, safer and more sustainable future include young people. They are, after all, the future. At MASSPIRG Education Fund, we are proud of the many decades that our work has not only championed a better future for young people, but also provided them hands-on civic experience through our college campus chapters, program internships and other opportunities.

 Our Civics in Action Internship Program (CAIP) teaches undergraduates and other students the civic skills and knowledge necessary to fully participate in a democratic society. The skills of research, writing, media outreach, advocacy and organizing, combined with a better understanding of our political process and the roles of corporations and non-profit organizations therein, are valuable tools for college students looking to make a positive impact on their community, both now and for the rest of their lives.

In the summer of 2016, in collaboration with our Public Interest Network partner organizations, we launched a pilot program to formalize and upgrade our internship program. Over the last three summers, 66 college and graduate school interns have worked on more than 30 campaigns for our network of public interest groups. These are the stories from the Class of 2018. To find out more please contact Deirdre Cummings,

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