Report: Campaign for Zero Waste

Where There's Smoking, There's Fire


Key to map: (Town, Date, Deaths/Injuries/Damages.) 

1. Amesbury April 28, 2001, 7-alarm fire destroys restaurant, left 11 families homeless, and closed 4 businesses.

2. Beverly July 23, 2001, 70-year old man died in an apartment fire.

3. Boston March 9, 2001, 22-year old person injured and $250,000 in damages done to an apartment building.

4. Boston May 23, 2001, 53-year old man died; $150,000 in damages to an apartment building.

5. Boston June 15, 2001, 2 firefighters treated for heat exhaustion and $1 million in damages to Macy's Department Store.

6. Dorchester March 21, 2001, two-and-one-half story home destroyed.

7. Easton July 12, 2001, 75-year old man died; $200,000 in damages to a one-story home.

8. Hopedale January 17, 2001 90-year old woman died when she dozed off while smoking; 1 firefighter injured; $90,000 in damages

9. Ipswich January 23, 2001, 33-year old woman and two daughters, ages 3-years and 5-months, died; two-and-one-half story home destroyed.

10. Lawrence March 19, 2001, one firefighter injured at fire in supermarket and beauty supply store.

11. Lowell February 19, 2001, 3-alarm fire destroyed a 6-family home.

12. New Bedford March 31, 2001, 53-year old man died; 2 others injured; single-family home destroyed.

13. Newton May 30, 2001, 53-year old woman died in 3-alarm fire at an elderly housing complex.

14. North Attleboro February 17, 2001, 90-year old woman injured in a three-family house fire.

15. Norwood January 29, 2001, 42-year old woman died.

16. Plainville August 9, 2001, 62-year old woman died in 2-alarm fire in her trailer home.

17. Plainville October 31, 2001, mobile home destroyed; $25-30,000 in damages.

18. Roxbury February 1, 2001, one injury and damages of $50,000.

19. Salem April 28, 2001, 47-year old father of four died; two families left homeless.

20. Somerville February 13, 2001, damages of $3,000.

21. Somerville March 3, 2001, 57-year old man died in a fire in a four-unit house.

22. Springfield February 7, 2001, one person died and one was injured. 

23. Taunton February 4, 2001, convenience store destroyed.

24. Wareham April 3, 2001, 50-year old man died; two children and a firefighter injured; $180,000 in damages to split-level home.

25. Westborough February 17, 2001, 6-alarm fire that left 400 families homeless and did over $1.5 million in damages to an apartment building.

26. Woburn March 31, 2001, 45-year old woman died in 2-alarm fire in a rooming house.

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