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Getting Off The Hook of a Predatory Tow

Every year, millions of Americans have their cars towed without their consent from a private property or public street. Too often, the unknown rationale behind these tows and what to do next can leave drivers stranded and confused. While getting towed is a justified consequence of parking in the wrong place or for too long, most states don’t offer drivers the decency of basic consumer protections such as access to their wallets or medicine, or maximum rates for towing and storage. And that doesn’t even take into consideration those times when drivers believe they’re towed improperly.

MASSPIRG Education Fund identified 14 common sense towing protections that should be available to consumers in every state.  

Report | MASSPIRG Education Fund

Transform Transportation

The Commonwealth's current transportation system has been designed, built and centered around the automobile, and it is a public health disaster. MASSPIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group’s latest report, Transform Transportation, identifies the numerous harmful health impacts caused by the Bay State's car-centric transportation system and provides a three-step roadmap toward a healthier, more sustainable approach to transportation infrastructure.

Report | MASSPIRG | COVID-19

Nursing Home Safety During Covid: Cases and Vaccines

Hundreds of U.S. nursing homes this year are reporting their very first cases of COVID-19 after avoiding any cases all of last year. That 437 nursing homes experienced their very first cases of COVID this year — while fending them off during the horror of 2020 — is among the clear indications that this pandemic isn’t over.

There are many reasons for optimism, particularly the huge turnaround that started in the second half of December when vaccines started rolling out. Our research found that the vaccine rollout led to a decline in nursing home cases exceeding 80 percent. But this is not a time to act irresponsibly or get overly confident.

Report | U.S.PIRG Education Fund

Vital and Undervalued

As the pandemic has painfully reminded us, our entire society depends on caregivers yet we undervalue the vital contributions of unpaid family caregivers. It benefits all of us when it is possible for people to care for their loved ones who need care, so we should increase support for family caregivers.

Report | MASSPIRG Education Fund

Increasing Regional Transit Across the Commonwealth:

Massachusetts needs strong, statewide public transportation. This was true before the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis hit the state in March of 2020, and it will still be true after the crisis is over.

Operating primarily outside of the Greater Boston region, 15 Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) provide public transportation service to millions of Bay Staters. RTAs are a lifeline for many in Massachusetts who do not own cars; for frontline workers; for employers whose workforce needs transit; for students and educational institutions; and for health and wellness. 

But they can be so much more.


In 2019, the Task Force on Regional Transit Authority Performance and Funding produced a visionary report with 24 recommendations for improving the RTAs. The recommendations addressed funding, governance, service and sustainability and laid out the beginnings of a roadmap towards a better transportation future for Massachusetts.

But how well are we adopting and implementing those recommendations? And are we doing enough to achieve the vision of a better, more connected Commonwealth?


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