Civics in Action Summer Internship Program

Last updated: 12/2/2019

America has more problems than it should tolerate, and more solutions than it uses. MASSPIRG Education Fund, along with partners in The Public Interest Network (TPIN), regularly trains members of the next generation of social change leaders, providing the skills and experience to put solutions into effect.

Harnessing the Idealism and Passion of Young People

For decades, students have been at the forefront of change. Students rode the buses to Mississippi to register black voters during Freedom Summer in 1964. Students pushed their campuses to divest from the apartheid regime in South Africa in the 1980s, and today, they’re leading the movement to divest from fossil fuels. When you look into the history of positive social change in our country, you find example after example of college students making change happen through their idealism, energy and drive.

Training Students to Make Social Change for a Lifetime

We are working to support students who want to be leaders in making social change through our Civics in Action Internship Program, a summer program invested in teaching the civic skills and imparting the motivation necessary to fully participate and succeed in making change in a democratic society. Research, writing, communication, organizing, and advocacy, coupled with a better understanding of our political process, how governments work, and the power of corporations and NGOs, is valuable training for college students aiming to make a positive impact on their community - as a volunteer or a professional.

MASSPIRG Education Fund’s partner organizations for our Civics in Action Internship Program:

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