Legislative Scorecard 2013-2014

Last updated: 6/13/2016


Our scorecard rates legislators from the 2013-2014 session on a selection of MASSPIRG priority issues: public transportation, GMO food labeling, tax credit accountability, recycling, and democracy.

Members of the House and Senate are scored out of six points. Since the Legislature only votes on a fraction of the bills filed, and even then their votes aren’t always recorded, we used three criteria: roll call votes when available (legislator’s position identified), voice votes where bills pass or fail with no record of how an individual legislator voted (therefore every legislator’s score rises or falls with the final vote), and a public endorsement of the GMO labeling bill and formal co-sponsorship of the Updated Bottle bill in the House.

Download the scorecard to see the full list of our priority issues and how each legislator ranked.

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