How to spot counterfeit N95, KN95 masks before you buy them

By | Teresa Murray
Consumer Watchdog

You may be setting aside those cloth or surgical masks and shopping for some N95 masks or KN95s that are supposed to be widely available. But . . . there unfortunately are lots of counterfeit products out there too.

News Release | MASSPIRG Education Fund | COVID-19

Virtual forum: medical experts discussed COVID-19 vaccines for the holidays

HAMPDEN COUNTY, Mass. -- As people across Massachusetts and the world fret about the Omicron variant of COVID-19, medical experts say it’s crucial to get fully vaccinated against the deadly virus. In response, the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Massachusetts Association of Public Health Nurses, the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts and MASSPIRG Education Fund hosted a public forum Wednesday night to discuss strategies for talking about the COVID-19 vaccines with unvaccinated friends and family. 

News Release | MASSPIRG Education Fund | COVID-19

Hampden County pediatric and public health professionals addressed parents’ hesitancy to vaccinate children against COVID-19

In a public forum last night sponsored by the MA Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics, MA Association of Public Health Nurses, and MASSPIRG Education Fund, local experts in pediatric and public health addressed parents' concerns and discussed safely vaccinating children against COVID-19.

News Release | MASSPIRG Education Fund | COVID-19

Virtual forum to discuss vaccinating children against COVID-19

Hampden County-based pediatric and public health experts are holding an online forum to share information about safely vaccinating children against COVID-19. Speakers will share their professional expertise and experiences, and answer audience questions.

Massachusetts Vaccine Education: Resource Page

By | Deirdre Cummings
Consumer Program Director

The MASSPIRG Education fund is a non-partisan organization working to educate Baystaters about the COVID-19 vaccines. In partnership with Massachusetts healthcare professionals, we seek to promote accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccines with the understanding that access to this information is crucial when making your decision about whether to get vaccinated. 

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STATEMENT: Nursing home vaccine mandate will save lives

"We applaud the move to get more nursing home staff vaccinated. This will save lives."

COVID-19 tests and vaccines are free to consumers. End of story.

By | Patricia Kelmar
Director, Health Care Campaigns

Some consumers continue to be billed for COVID tests and vaccines. So let's get the story straight here.


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